FOXICON is helping companies to advertise their machines on this website and contact the potential buyers directly to the seller.

This will avoid having auctioners or other companies taking advantage of the sales and manipulate the prices.

Where ever possible, we assist with transportation as well as optional parts & accessories for the machines.

This includes installation, maintenance & repair if necessary.

If you have a used conventional or CNC machine for sale, you may advertise them on our website by sending pictures & the sales price to us. We will reply with the terms and conditions and upon acceptance, we will put your machine onto our website!

The advertisement on our website is free and the fee payable upon successful sale is:

Under R5000 is 5% (of the sales price)


- R5000-9999 is 4%

- R10000-19999 is 3%

- R20000-49999 is 2%

- R50000-99999 is 1%

- R100000-499999 is 0.5%

Above R500000 is 0.4% (of the sales price)

Click to the pages (under Advertisements button) to see the advertised machines!