About Us

Philosophy & Vision

In this modern world, FOXICON's vision is quite unique/original compared to the general business mentality and approach we come across daily. FOXICON realized (like many others around the world) that everything in life requires an effective, quality tool.


FOXICON aims at reaching the broader spectrum of consumers through delivering the best possible and most efficient tools and equipment that everyone needs, with aftercare.

We strongly believe that we offer the best, quality related prices, allowing for higher profits and quality for all concerned.

FOXICON made a vow to always try to find the best solution and deliver on our promise by providing quality products, service and best, compatible quotes in the region.

CEO's letter

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome our customers and friends to the new FOXICON web site.

Our intention to make this site an informative and valuable tool for all who are seeking to learn more about our company - it's history, people, philosophy, our products, and the future of the machine tool industry from our perspective.

All human endeavours are, in actuality, the outward manifestation of an idea, and so it is with our company.

For us, the governing idea is that our customers and we are engaged in a partnership that is about the creation of the future.

The fundamental purpose of the technology that we develop and design is to help our customers fulfil their guiding purposes.

So our basic vision of completely satisfying our customer requirements has always been the very foundation of our business and our success.

Since our beginnings as part of a resurgent industry in the country, the people of our company and our supplier companies have been dedicated to finding and implementing those processes of research and development, design, manufacturing efficiency and quality control that take the long view, rather than taking the path of least resistance and expediency.

As a result of this customer-centric approach, we now welcome fully the opportunity - and the challenge - of competing on the world stage in the field of machine tool design and manufacture, on behalf of our partners.

I thank you for your interest in our company and products, and I hope that our new web site will provide you not only with an abundance of information about our company, but the tools and knowledge you need to incorporate advanced machine tool technology into your operations.

With all best wishes in your endeavours.

Yours truly,

Gabor Fox (Gabriel)